10km in less than 36 minutes for women's cancer

Quentin Brimberg

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Hi everyone, 

In my project of completing the Adidas 10km race in Paris on June 11, 2023, in less than 36 minutes, I have chosen to raise funds for the association RoseUp. 


RoseUp is a French association dedicated to the information, support and protection of the rights of women who are affected by any type of cancer, including the most common ones such as breast cancer.


This decision comes from my previous and personnal experience ; a few years ago, I supported my mother who bravely fought two agressive types of cancers linked to BRCA 2, breast and then ovarian. By supporting this cause, I would like to express to her one more time how proud I am of her and of the women affected by this terrible and unfair disease.


I am 100% convinced that running for an association dedicated to such a righteous cause and seeing the people I know supporting this beautiful project will give me a second breath during this race, but also to all the women who are fighting or who will fight cancer.


I am aiming to collect 500€, please help me raise funds for cancer.


Yours sincerely, 


Quentin Brimberg

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